I’m a smoothie fanatic, lover of picnic and ending the day at the beach! I’ve had the privilege of being raised in Hawaii and am in love with this place! Not only for justing shooting here but I love being outdoors! Count me in for any hikes or beach days you are planning! I probably own WAY too many pairs of overalls because they are the coziest and easiest thing to throw on. And I’ve got one BIG travel bug! I get cheap flight alerts sent to my email and am always tempted to go anywhere and everywhere! Let’s just say that searching flights is one of my favorite pass times haha!

I’m passionate about creating and get so excitied to cheer other on in their creative outlets too! It’s so exciting to see who I get to work alongside of and meet while running this business I adore! Whether that means capturing some rad couples or connecting with other artist, I know this job had given me such an awesome opportunity to love others, cheer them on and serve them!





I'm all about sharing your story and how you guys DO YOU and love each other. That's why I strive to keep my approach pretty candid and anti-stiff-mannequin-poses (AHHH I CRINGE)! I don't want to fit you into some mold of how couples "should" act or pose for photos. There are no rules and boundaries to how silly we can get. I'm all about movement and I'll give you guys prompts that just encourage interaction between you two and allow me to capture the raw beauty of that. So, maybe y'all are more shy and sweet, lovers of PDA, extroverted and like to joke around; COOL I'm down for YOU being YOU!

My heart is that you'll be able to look back at your photos over and over again remembering how dang in love you guys are for years to come! That you’ll look back at all the memories from your big day or session and feel immediately taken right back to them! I want your personalities to truly shine through these images by you feeling as dang comfortable as ever! I’m here to listen to the things that are most important to you and how I can serve you best!

I don't just want to be another vendor that shows up and takes off. It's important to me to cultivate more of a friendship with you! Getting photographed can be a pretty vulnerable situation to be in. So, the better we get to know each other hopefully the better this will feel for you! Because, I'M HERE FOR YOU, I want to cheer you on along with your family and friends and help you make this day the most amazing THANG EVER!!! So, I want to make sure we get communicate well, we are a good fit and are basically besties before the big day haha!

It’s truly such an honor for you to invite me to be a part of your BIG DAY or to capture your love! I don’t take that lightly! You matter to me, I can’t wait to have fun with you and be just a small part of your story!

You vibing with me? And like HECK YES to all that I just said? Let’s do this THANG! Shoot me an email and lets get chatting!




Ummm.. Well I Told you I had a travel bug right?! Why should you know where I’m going to be this year? Because maybe just maybe we’ll traveling to the same spot at the same time. Or maybe I’ll be of island when you we’re hoping to shoot on Oahu. But there are some sweet benefits to hiring me in a place that I’m already traveling too and I’d love to talk to you about that! Any timeframe not seen here will be time I spend on Oahu.

April // Big Island

June 26th // Kauai

July 25th // Kauai

Sept. 22nd - Oct. 5th // Iceland

Have a different destination in mind? Let’s talk! I’m open to traveling and adding you to my list!