You Are Treasure

Model: Megan Mchale

Clothing: Tiare Hawaii

MUA: Caitlyn Tuten

     Last summer, my cousin Hannah came to visit and was able to share so many amazing stories with me. She told tales of her travels and of her life in New York, but one of my favorites was about her best friend Julie. When Julie was little, she went to a worship service with her family. Sometime during the worship session, she looked down at her hands and found them covered with gold dust! Yes, actual gold was sparkling on her little hands out of nowhere! With simple child-like faith, Julie took this as a sign: God was telling her that she was precious to Him...that she was worth more than gold. I absolutely loved this story when I heard it, and it instantly sparked inspiration. Therefore, I set about creating a series of photos that would capture the essence of what this story represents. Although I shot these photos last fall, I haven't been able to finish this project until now. Regardless of the fact that it's super late and my shooting style has changed since I took them, I know that a lot of us need to be reminded of some of the following truths, so I'm going to follow through with it.

You are my treasured possession, my peculiar treasure
— Exodus 19:5

     What Julie felt when she was little is what I want each of us to experience! To realize that God treasures us and that we are oh-so-precious to Him. GOD, the Creator of all the universe has told me that I am treasure and that my worth is far more than rubies (Proverbs 31:10). Now, I can question that, doubt it, and even try to find some deep logical explanation as to why that is...OR I can TRUST God! I can trust God, whose promises are purer than silver refined in a furnace, purified seven times over (Psalm 12:6), when He says that I am precious to Him. When God gave Julie a sign of His love, she didn't pull out her hair trying to figure out where in the world the gold dust was coming from. Instead, she accepted His love with willingly. The Lord enlightened her to see what He was trying to saying, and she stepped into it, ready to receive. Now, to me, that is an amazing, beautiful picture of child-like faith.