Josh + Lauren // Sunflower Field Adventurous Couple Session - Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii


Where do I even start with these two? I had just come back from a trip to the east coast when I found out the lovely sunflower fields were still in bloom and had a week left before wilting! It's the one time of year in my town that these little yellow faces bring happiness to everyone and TONS of people make the trek to come enjoy them. It's like the most wonderful surprise to come down the mountain and see a small sea of yellow in the distance! One person can post a photo of these sunflowers and all of a sudden everyone is asking me where they are haha! Ummm, I don't blame them! This place gives me chills with all its yellow glory. I asked Josh and Lauren to join me on a spontaneous trip to these fields! Something barely planned and on a whim became one of my favorite sets of images ever photographed. Josh and Lauren don't have to be told a thing. They are that couple that is so in love that it radiates and is evident to all around!  I just let them snuggle up, and run around and have fun. I'm so encouraged by them and their love makes me so hopeful to have a best friend like that some day was well. One that will be silly and run through yellow flowers and sweep me off my feet. Lauren is one of those people that has such a big glorious smile it seems to take up her whole face (and I say that in a good way, an amazing way)! And Josh seems to be able to make that smile on her face even bigger and brighter! I had so much fun capturing them being silly in love in one of the most amazing spots imaginable! We took lot of breaks just staring at the hundreds and hundreds of yellow beauties. I hope you enjoy these and much as we do!