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B + Tim // Palm Tree Forest Farewell Session - Dillingham Ranch, Oahu, Hawaii


A bit ago my sweet friend B had asked me to do a couple session with her and her Husband Tim . I was so excited but little did I know I was in for an even bigger treat. They wanted me to shoot them in their VW Westfalia Camper van, Savannah (yes she has a name too, and the cutest one at that) in a location I had dreamt of for awhile now: PALM TREE FORESTS!!! B and Tim have plans to leave Hawaii and travel the world calling Savannah their new home. They're lives will now be a constant road/camping trip! They're off the new and exciting things but wanted to preserve some memories of Savannah's last days on Oahu, while capturing the essence of they're new life. It's such a beautiful and exciting story that I was overjoyed to be a part of. It's one thing to have a bunch of pretty things and a good locations and a cute couple, but love changes everything! These two have a love and joy for each other that is so evident in these photos. They seem content with just having each other.  They don't need a fancy house or big plan, just a whole lot of love and Savannah the Vannagon. You can check out more of B and Tim's adventures at