Location Scouting Time!

 #1 Kaena point

I shoot here VERY often! Kaena has a lot of options! There is a beautiful grassy field area, that range from a soft green to a golden brown depending on weather. Big green mountains in the background never seem to fail to create amazing photos with depth. There is also great whit sand beaches along the point!

#2 Yokohama Bay

 This beach is on the far west side of the island. A long stripe of beautiful beaches with a mountain backdrop! You can shoot in the sand or even areas of beautiful golden grass and some trees! The sunsets are usually gorgeous on this end!

#3 Laie point

Laie point as the option of a pretty secluded beach and a cliffy area. Both offer an amazing mount range in the distance that appears with a blue misty color! 

#4 Kawela Bay

This area ranges from big Banyan trees, think green jungle-like foliage and a big emerald green bay! Perfect for someone wanting a tropical vibe to their images!

#5 Crouching Lion hike

This is hike has some of my favorite views on Oahu so far! There are points that can be extremely steep and the trail must be explored with great caution. It is definitely a HIKE so be prepared for about 25/30 minutes for steep climbing. I recommend changing into outfits at the top of the hike and taking a moment to get ready there. Otherwise you could get your nice close all sweaty. But despite the extra work, this spot is still worth it! Offer a unique and adventures take on your images! Not suggested for family sessions or anyone unable to make the climb!

#6 Ke iki beach 

This beach offers simplicity! It's a great spot to get good sunset light. With such a vast sandy beach there are little distractions in photos which comes out looking golden, clean and bright! There is also a rocky area that can have fun tide pools at certain time of year *(ask me in an email if tidepools are accessible)

#7 Sharks cove

Gorgeous cove with tons of tidepools everywhere! You'd have to be willing to get a little wet for some photos but it would be beautiful for sunset photos with the reflection! Most of the water is ankle to hip deep so its not required to get in all the way if you don't want to. 

#8 Turtle Bay

This is a great hidden spot! Off the beaten path just a little ways over from Turtle Bay resort. There is a foresty area that give a whimsical woodsy feel with puffy green grass and wind whipped trees. When the light is right it looks like magic in there. Then just steps away in a beach area. There or some spots to get into rough white water but also areas that are more calm and family friendly with tide pools. 

#9 kaneohe sandbar

This spot requires a boat service to get there, which is comes at an extra cost. But man is it worth it! A vast sandy space in the middle on the ocean with crystal clear waters and an awesome view of the mountain range! This locations would be committing to a full water session. However, not all images need to be fully wet or submerged. There are still a variety of images we could get there! Email me for more details on how this would work! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 2.17.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 2.17.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 2.19.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 2.17.47 PM.png

#10 Puena Point

A little surf spot on the North Shore in the winter. This beach is a kind of cove with lots of pretty greenery around it and a distant view of the mountain range. There is a really cute palm grove as well that always makes for creative shots. A simple spot with lots of variety! 

#11 Kahana Bay

The cute little bay that the Crouching Lion Hike overlooks. This bay is completely surrounded with tall gorgeous mountains on either side. There are also some other elements like two little docks on either side. There is also a little swing on one side that could make cute shots. One side of the Bay has greenery that could be good to work with also. 

#12 alan davis

A pretty field area on the South side of the island. A nice golden grass look with some trees and a little beach at the end. It's a little bit of a walk but to the end of this area but a nice open space to work with. This location is also close-by the Makapuu Lookout/Lighthouse trail which would be really pretty to pair with Alan Davis. 

#13 makapuu beach& lookout

Photos to come!

#14 Waimea Bay

Photos to come!