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This Canyon is like the Grand Canyon of the Pacific! So big and beautiful with such gorgeous hints of green and waterfalls in the distance. There are a few spots right off the main lookout. I hear there are a few hikes that would be a little more secluded as well. 

#2 - Kalpea Ridge

I've never been to this lookout but have always seen images of it! This is the view I dream about when I think of Kauai! Huge mountain backdrop! I think photos hear would be so insane, as long as your not too afraid of heights. I believe the surrounding area will work well for a variety of images as well. It's said to be a little dangerous and steep in areas so we'd have to take our time and be mindful of conditions. Here is a link to some other details on this spot: https://www.theoutbound.com/hawaii/hiking/hike-kalepa-ridge

#3 - Wailua falls

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.58.16 PM.png

Before going here for the first time last year, I had seen pictures of this waterfall and thought it would be a little less than it really was! This thing is huge and powerful! One of the most gorgeous spots I've been to. Most people just look at it from the lookout above, but there is an unofficial path down to the falls. It's short but can be super muddy and involves a few ropes. Be prepared to be blasted with mist and icy water, it's quite refreshing! 

#4 - Hanalei bay

One of the most popular spots on Kauai. This Bay is huge and has the biggest, most gorgeous mountains surrounding it. You'll see little waterfalls EVERYWHERE off in the distances. It can be a little crowded but I'm sure we can find some spots avoiding people in our images. There is also the famous pier! It's so cute when people do photos jumping off the pier around sunset time!

#5 - Haena Beach

This is another spot I haven't been to but it was highly recommended by another photographer friend! Looks like some beautiful blue water and big green mountain backdrop! My friend also said as you drive down the road near by you'll find a ton of great spots! The North Shore is filled with such photogenic goodness! 

#6 - Queens bath

Parking can be tough, but I heard this tidepool is well worth it! The clear waters are incredibly inviting! I also hear it can be a little crowded but we can stick to a few little nooks. Be ready for some water images! 

#7 - Hanakapiai Falls (Location for the adventurous hearts)

Let me just start with saying, THIS HIKE IS 5-6 HOURS. I hear it's definitely one to prepare for and can have some difficulty. However, if you see a 300 ft. waterfall as worth it than this is for you. I also hear that there are some awesome views of the Na Pali Coast along the first half. We would definitely pack lunch commit to a full afternoon adventure together. 

#8 - Shipwreck beach

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Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 6.04.16 PM.png

#9 - Polihale Beach Park

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Let's Adventure!