Location scouting - Maui

Click on any images to enlarge! Also feel to email for any other questions not covered here!

 #1 - Haleakala Crater

This is one of the most popular destinations on Maui! Commonly, visited for Sunrise over the clouds this place looks like mars! The mountain formations in the distance seem like something out of a Si-Fi movie! It would definitely be something different for photos! Mind you, it can also get pretty darn cold up here!


#2 Thompson Road / Upcountry Maui

The Road as a "little Ireland" on Maui. A lot of people walk this road for exercise but there actually homes at the end of it (including one owned by Oprah, haha no big deal!) There are open rolling hills of greenery and some cow friends in the distance. This place is truly out of a dream! The view of Maui from there is incredible! 


#3 Twin falls

This is one of my favorite waterfalls on Maui thus far! It's a pretty popular trail but offers such an amazing falls! The trail has other options besides this the could give a shoot some variety. That includes a cute little fruit stand to start the hike! Capturing photos here may possibly require a water housing/extra equipment for an addition cost (usually about $125-175). This will allow me to capture our adventure at it's fullest potential and not having to worry about water damage. 

#4 Waiʻanapanapa State Park

I've never been here but have heard of it's beauty! The sand black sand is an amazing twist to images! This park is located on the Roda to Hana. I've heard of the crystal clear(and cold) cave pools as well! We would have to definitely do some exploring of the area first, But, since this in on the road to Hana we could always make some stops on the way for photos!

Locations exact name/spot TBA

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